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About Us

About Us

 Who We Are 

Government agencies are not always making the most of their budgets.

But it’s not their fault.

As Police, Fire & EMS, Military personnel or Non-Profit professionals, their core responsibilities are serving their communities, responding to dangerous events and protecting our liberties. And yet they are tasked with researching complex and expensive equipment, comparing vendor proposals, negotiating price and delivery times and selecting the best option; all in their ‘spare’ time.

This is a challenging role and an often uneven playing field.

Allegiance Acquisition was established to ensure best pricing and intelligent sourcing strategies are truly available to Government and Non-Profit agencies. With experience in the government supply and non- profit acquisition sectors, Allegiance Acquisition has developed the tools necessary to enable State and Local Government and Non-Profit agencies to acquire what they need, when they need it at the best possible price.

As members of the Allegiance Acquisition Network, our partner agencies have access to a private network of negotiated below-retail pricing on high value equipment in a sophisticated eProcurement platform.

Join us! It will only take a minute